<br> Press hardening from AP&T: new system for process monitoring results in higher product quality<br>

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JULY 2017
Press hardening from AP&T: new system for process monitoring results in higher product quality
AP&T’s in-line process monitoring measures the material’s temperature with a high degree of precision both before and after pressing.
Higher and more consistent quality of the formed vehicle part, possibility for shorter cycle times and better control over the entire manufacturing process. This is what customers can expect from AP&T’s new process monitoring system for press hardening – in-line process monitoring – which is now being introduced to the market.
AP&T establishing new positions for business development and sales

Per Josefsson has held the position of Director Business Development & Marketing at AP&T since May 1. His responsibilities include business development, decision support/business intelligence and marketing. At the same time, Gerald Schultz was appointed Chief Sales Officer, with responsibility for AP&T’s sales globally. Both of the positions are organizationally based at AP&T’s headquarters in Ulricehamn, Sweden.

AP&T showing turnkey production solution for fuel cell plates in Beijing, Stuttgart and Long Beach

Interest in AP&T’s and Cell Impact’s concept for large-scale, cost-efficient manufacturing of fuel cell plates continues to grow. Consequently, AP&T will increase its market presence in 2017, and present its turnkey production solution in Beijing, Stuttgart and Long Beach, among other places.

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