Agility R&C September Newsletter Update
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Agility Risk & Compliance Monthly News Update
Recruitment and Selection: Tips to Avoid Common Discriminatory Pitfalls
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Recruitment is a key component to running a business, and the ability to recruit effectively has a significant positive impact on your business stability, performance, finances, and reputation.

However, if care is not taken to prevent discrimination in the recruitment process, the risk could land employers, and employees, in serious hot water! The following tips will help you avoid common discriminatory pitfalls…

Prudent Actions to Keep Your Business Away From Bad Publicity
Pay & The Inclusion of 
Voluntary Overtime
It can take years to build the reputation of your business but only seconds to damage it in the digital age we live in. What can be done to avoid this happening in your business?

1.Do you have a social media policy? If not, why not?…….

There has been much litigation and debate on what constitutes “normal pay” and whether overtime ought to be included in an employee’s pay when going on holiday.

Last year two cases, held there was no reason why voluntary overtime should not be included as long as….

Removal of Licensable Asbestos
Breathing in asbestos fibres can lead to asbestos-related diseases which kill more people than any other single work-related illness.

Asbestos was banned after workers started to complain of health issues such as lung cancer and decreased lung function. The first case of asbestosis in the UK was reported in 1924. It can take anywhere between 15-60 years for any symptoms to develop after exposure.



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