September 2020

KALLER – Die Follow Up Service

By | September 21st, 2020|Member News|

Die Follow up Service from KALLER. Fake gas springs are dangerous. And more importantly, very hard to distinguish from an original. To fight the growing issue and ensure safety at your workplace, we offer you our free Die Follow Up Service. Let us verify your products, and help you stay safe.We have recognised the concern for counterfeit products used in production of outsourced tools, as the counterfeits cause a significant safety risk for concerned personnel. To fight this, we have launched the Die Follow Up Service - a free die [...]

August 2020

Advanced flanging with smart tool solutions – KALLER

By | August 18th, 2020|Member News|

Smart design and optimal timing for flanging is central to press tool implementations. The dies, each with its own task and function, are designed to run in a high-precision sequence. All steps must be carefully timed to prevent costly jam and to keep the production line running smoothly at all times. Detailed planning is essential for every vehicle manufacturer designing a production line and its sequence. Each die in production must operate optimally, as the speed and reliability of simultaneous or sequential steps are crucial for production efficiency. When selecting the [...]

April 2020

Case Studies – innovative KALLER solutions

By | April 7th, 2020|Member News|

In our strive towards improving our customers' efficiency, we want to inspire you by sharing some of our stories on how we have streamlined production lines with innovative KALLER solutions. Check out your mailbox for coming case studies, to discover what we can do for you.  Advanced cutting tool for the Electric Vehicle market With advanced, cost-effective, cutting tools that can be positioned at a 360° angle, KALLER can simplify your production line. For the customer in this case, we used our innovative product, the KALLER Flex Cam, to reduce the number [...]