“How can we help generate persistent profitability for our customers?” For AP&T, the answer is obvious: through innovation. Over the past year the company has launched several innovative products and services that enable higher productivity and lower environmental impact in the metal forming industry.

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Baxi in the UK chooses automation from AP&T

British Baxi, which manufactures boilers and water heaters, has chosen the new generation of automation equipment from AP&T. Among other things, the order comprises a new SpeedFeeder press robot and a control system upgrade for an existing AP&T press. Read more >

Important order paves the way for Swedish fuel cell technology in China

AP&T’s and Cell Impact’s concept for cost-efficient, large-scale manufacturing of fuel cell plates has taken an important step towards a commercial breakthrough.

Suzhou China Hydrogen, a Chinese fuel cell company, has placed its first order for prototype bipolar cell fuel plates that are designed to be manufactured in accordance with the new concept.  Read more >