When it was time to select a supplier of tools for press hardening, I.S. Tech, a Korean manufacturer of vehicle parts, decided on AP&T.

As a GM subcontractor, Korean based I.S. Tech recognized the necessity of satisfying the growing demand for press-hardened parts by increasing its own capacity with additional tools. Demand primarily pertains to B-pillars, C-pillars, tunnels, floor reinforcements and other structural parts.

In competition with several leading manufacturers, AP&T received the first order for three tools at the beginning of 2014. An additional order was first placed for three more, and then an additional six in March 2015. A total of 12 tools have been ordered, making this one of the largest individual tool orders ever in AP&T’s history. AP&T’s agent Dae Kyung International has been a decisive factor in the success of the deal; it has been able to pilot the project through the entire process from tender to delivery on site in Korea.

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The automotive industry is currently experiencing a sharp increase in the percentage of press-hardened parts in new car models. Underlying the change are legal requirements and customer demands for cars with lighter weight and lower fuel consumption in combination with more stringent demands on impact safety. When it was time to select a supplier of tools, I.S. Tech chose AP&T.

Technically, the tool poses the greatest challenge in press hardening. The 900 degree blank is to be formed and cooled quickly and in a controlled manner to give the part the desired qualities.  When it was time for I.S. Tech to choose a supplier, experience and AP&T’s solid reputation played a crucial role. Thanks to in-house development and cooperation with research institutes and other partners, AP&T has come a long way in terms of functioning and complete solutions for press hardening. AP&T also has in-depth know-how on materials and methods as well as simulation and quality verification of the end product.