August 2018


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Systems for quick and safe changing of heavy tools will be unveiled by the Roemheld Group at Euroblech 2018. Four different configurations of transport cart, which are used to manoeuvre large loads such as heavy moulds and dies ergonomically, will be presented alongside carrying consoles that facilitate insertion into a press. In evidence also will be ball bars and roller bars that allow dies to be smoothly guided and positioned over tables and other surfaces. Serving further to minimise set-up times in metalforming are Roemheld's extensive range of cost-effective die [...]

AP&T’s servo hydraulic press setting a new standard for hydraulic presses — more energy efficient, quicker and easier to maintain

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With the introduction of its unique servo hydraulic press, AP&T has set a new standard in the industry. Short cycle times, high precision, low energy consumption and minimum need for maintenance make this option hard to beat — not only compared to conventional hydraulic presses, but in many cases also compared to servo mechanical presses. Several innovative technical solutions have helped AP&T’s designers combine high performance with low operating costs. First and foremost, the hydraulic system’s control valves have been replaced by servo motors, which means that speed, position and [...]

Flexible clamping technology from Roemheld

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Workholding equipment for 5-axis machining, Industry 4.0 applications and automation will be presented on the Roemheld group stand at the AMB show this year. Zero point clamping If workpieces have to be produced on different milling, grinding or eroding machines in succession and set-up times are to be minimised, zero-point clamping systems are ideal. On display for the first time will be the 'SPEEDY connect' double-acting, pneumatic, zero-point clamping system from Roemheld group member, Stark. The new 'SPEEDY connect' Industry 4.0-compatible zero point clamping system from Stark will be [...]