May 2019


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Last Friday saw the second annual Metal Bashers Ball dinner dance, hosted jointly by the MMMA and the ISME at the Copthorne hotel, which saw over 160 guests from over 25 member companies join together and celebrate contributions to UK Manufacturing. To ensure this event was a success takes a lot of careful organisation to ensure everything from the venue, food, drinks etc are all up to scratch. Many thanks to those involved in the organisation, Adrian Haller Chairman of the MMMA & Bill Neal also of the MMMA, and Bill Pinfold, Adrian [...]

Expertise, experience and innovative technology decisive in selection of press hardening partner

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MA’s headquarters are in Rivoli, Turin, Italy, and the company has been a large manufacturer of cold-formed sheet metal parts for the global automotive industry since the 1970s. A few years ago the company decided to begin manufacturing press hardened components as well, which thank The press hardening line, which was deployed in spring 2018 at MA Polska’s facility in Poland, was the hundredth press hardening line that AP&T has installed over time. From left, Sergio Costamagna, MA Polska, Lennart Johansson, AP&T, Alessandro Salvi, MA, and Sławomir Grabowski, AP&T. [...]

AP&T launching TemperBox®: a new cycle time neutral production solution that enables tailored properties in press hardened components

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AP&T is introducing a patented solution for partial press hardening of structural parts for passenger cars. TemperBox® allows hard and soft zones to be combined in a single part, paving the way for innovative body designs and cost-efficient production. TemperBox® can be integrated with AP&T's new and existing Multi-Layer Furnaces as well as with any other type of heat treatment equipment. With over 100 press hardening line installations for customers all over the world, AP&T is now taking an important step in the development of its press hardening technology. The [...]

Decade Monitoring Solutions Product Recording Software

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Decades MARS (Machine Activity Recording System) software helps give you live production data from the shop floor. Giving you a live OEE dashboard with back end reports to drive improvements and efficiency. We can monitor presses, slitting lines, plating lines, welding cells, assembly machines and many more production processes. With the recent addition of temperature logging you can also gather machine data (pressures, energy, load etc). Contact us discuss your OEE and data collection requirements.