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Agility Risk & Compliance Monthly News Update


The Benefits 2017, Benefits For Employers?

The Chancellor has confirmed the introduction of a new regime called 
T-levels, which he said would put technical skills on a par with academic qualifications, and make sure students were “genuinely work-ready”.

Under the reforms, vocational courses for 16-19 year olds will last up to 50 per cent longer, the equivalent of an extra 900 hours of teaching a year. The 13,000 current qualifications will be replaced by 15 standalone vocational courses, or ‘T-levels’, all of which will be backed by work placements. These will start in academic year 2019/2020.

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HR Audit

Recent Review of the Fit for Work Service


Agility Risk & Compliance offers HR-compliance auditing services at a competitive rate. The audit will be conducted by one of our skilled and knowledgeable advisors.

A HR audit is where a review is conducted of your current human resources policies, procedures, documents, and systems, in order to identify areas for improvement. There are different levels of HR audit that will vary in detail.



A study by PMI Health Group, part of Willis Towers Watson’s health and benefits team, has concluded that more than four-fifths (82%) of HR professionals questioned were now aware of the Fit for Work service (FFW) scheme.

This is an increase of 70% based on a similar survey conducted ahead of the scheme’s launch at the end of 2015.However, only approximately one-fifth (21%) said they had actually used Fit for Work.



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Large Construction Company Prosecuted After Worker Falls

Fatality at Stately Home

A Large Construction Company has been fined £400,000 after a worker fell from height.

Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard the accident victim was installing plywood boards covering holes on the third floor of the building when he fell a distance of 3.95m to the floor below.




A preservation trust that runs one of Britain’s historic stately homes has been hit with a £266,000 fine after its failure to rectify defects in a luggage lift led directly to the death of a domestic servant.

The Preservation Trust, which operates a House in Stamford, Lincolnshire, failed to implement standard industry measures, including fitting a slack rope detector to the lift. Had it also employed a competent lift engineer, the trust would have identified that no safety gear had been fitted to prevent the lift from descending rapidly. 






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Burns Sustained After Cable Strike

New Report on the Cost of Workplace Absence


A Major infrastructure support services provider have been sentenced after one of its subcontracted workers was set on fire in May 2015 while replacing a traffic light pole in a city centre.

The Accident Victim, was working on a Street when he dug into a concrete box that shielded a live 11,000v cable, Gloucester Crown Court was told. He received and electric shock and his clothes caught fire. He sustained burns to his face, chest, arms, hands, legs and stomach. 





A new report shows that workplace absence is costing the UK economy £18billion in lost productivity. This is part of an increasing trend that has seen workplace absence increase year-on-year since 2011 – having previously been on a downward trend since 1993. As a result, the report predicts that the cost of absence will increase to £21bn in 2020, and increase to £26bn in 2030.

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