The Nukon Rex installed at Ambar Kelly in Hertfordshire has already exceeded their expectations. Higher speed has meant faster production times and cutting with compressed air has reduced gas costs.

‘The Nukon Rex machine is five times faster than our old CO2 laser machine.  The Nukon fibre laser is cutting with compressed air at 9 bar with a perfect clean cut and has resulted in huge cost savings as we no longer require nitrogen and oxygen.  The service and support received from Nukon UK & MTL Engineering has been first class.’  Alex Bardett, M.D. of Ambar Kelly

Nukon is becoming well known in Europe as a leading supplier of Fibre Laser Cutting Systems offering advanced technology and innovation.

Find out more about the range at or call Nukon UK on 01562 744873.


Howard Hayward of Nukon UK with Alex Bardett of Ambar Kelly


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