AP&T presents its latest sensation for the first time at well-attended event in Ulricehamn

On October 4 and 5, around 70 representatives from different parts of the global car industry gathered at AP&T in Ulricehamn. The program included the unveiling of two new sensations that enable lighter, safer and more energy efficient cars to be manufactured. Both of AP&T’s new innovations — process technology for forming high-strength aluminum and the company’s new servo hydraulic press — are setting a new standard in the industry.


Globally unique production solution from AP&T paving the way to lighter, safer and more energy-efficient cars

AP&T has produced an entirely new manufacturing method for car body parts made of high-strength aluminum. The method could become an important contribution to the development of lighter, safer and more energy-efficient cars that have a lower climate and environmental impact. 

New innovation from AP&T: Servo hydraulic press with high performance and half the energy consumption



It is much quicker, twice as energy efficient and only requires a third as much maintenance as a conventional hydraulic press. AP&T’s new servo hydraulic press creates entirely new conditions for increased productivity within both cold forming and hot forming.