So, tell us about the company and its origins.

General History

Back in the early 1970’s, our founder Mr,Sam Worley was the works manager for a local hydraulic jack manufacturer. His employment and future with the company was not going in the direction promised. Sam made a decision to start a company with the support of one other local business.

Around 1973-1975 the company was trading under the name of Worley Hydraulics and the companies main activity was the manufacture and distribution of a range of hydraulic jacks and hydraulic cylinders along with the repair and service of hydraulic products. In 1976 the company changed its name to WORLIFTS Limited. The original agreement involving the support of the local business was amicably terminated and from that point on, Worlifts Ltd was a totally independent company..

From 1976 onwards, the business progressed by manufacturing a standard range of hydraulic jacking equipment which continued successfully for a few years until, because of market forces, a decision had to made as to how the company could move forward.

In order to be competitive against the increasing availability of imported hydraulic products, the company could either continue manufacturing, which would have meant investing on a larger scale into modern manufacturing plant and facilities or become a distributor for ‘leading brands’ of jacking equipment and ‘high pressure hydraulic equipment’. The decision was made to cease manufacturing and move into distribution and Worlifts trades today as a major distributor in our industry for high pressure hydraulic equipment which remains the company’s main activity.



How long have you worked at WORLIFTS?

15 years

What is your role and what does it involve?

Currently my role is Sales Director, it involves overseeing and managing a team of internal and external sales staff covering the whole of the UK, but as with most SME’s it involves all aspects of running a small family business.

Tell us about some of the recent projects you have worked on.

Recently we have supplied a portable 200 tonne capacity hydraulic jacking system to a large press service company incorporating ‘Aluminium’ Enerpac hydraulic cylinders with a lock nut/load holding feature, the job can which traditionally was done with heavy steel cylinders can now successfully be done with improved safety, reduced set up time and an impressive 50 % reduction in cylinder weight.

What have been the biggest challenges you have?

Recently the biggest challenge we have faced is recruiting local engineering labour, it’s a success story that unemployment is at an extremely low point but we are finding it extremely difficult to attract engineers willing to work nationally from our Worcestershire base.

We understand you have been a member of MMMA for [1 year], how has this benefitted your business?

Initially we attended a small meeting and introduced our company and its capabilities to current members, but we’re really looking forward to joining forces with the MMMA for MACH 2018.

What are the future plans for the business?

For the forthcoming financial year our focus is to invest and develop our newest division HydraHire a specialist hydraulic tool hire division. Our ambition is to be the number 1 go to company for the hire of Hydraulic Cylinders and Pumps, Hydraulic Jacking Equipment, Hydraulic Lifting Equipment and Specialist Hydraulic Maintenance and Torque tools.