Raybould Machine Tools Ltd is a worldwide dealer and supplier of new and pre-owned machinery,
it predominantly works with companies within the metal pressing and forming industry. It is delighted to announce the agreement to act as the Official UK Distributor for the range of mechanical and hydraulic power presses, manufactured by Pressix® of Italy.

Pressix® manufactures a wide range of high quality, open-fronted gap frame, adjustable-stroke and
mechanical power presses, with capacity ranges from 25 to 250 tonnes. Straight-sided presses,
with one or two connecting rods, offer a choice of adjustable or fixed stroke lengths, Link Drive or
Knuckle Joint Drive, with a capacity ranging from 125 to 1000 tonnes.


All presses are manufactured with bronze lined guideways, are of rigid frame construction and adjustable stroke length change devices. They also conclude hydraulic overload protection with plunger guide systems on the straight-sided ‘’DM2’’ and ‘’SC2’’ range.

Pressix® also produce high-speed presses, hydraulic straightening presses and can offer specific
solutions to meet the customer needs. All machines are designed, machined, assembled, and tested inhouse.

All Pressix® machines are CE certified by APAVE and have been built according to ISO 9001
procedures since 1994 as certified by DNV.

Pressix® has over 45 years’ manufacturing experience and employ 52 staff across two production
sites covering some 13,500 square metres. On average Pressix® construct one hundred machines per year and currently export approximately 30% of their output. Their customer base is varied being primarily small to medium-sized businesses, typically being subcontract suppliers for many different areas and tier-one companies.

The Pressix® brand of high-quality, adjustable stroke European presses now adds to the range of
equipment already offered by Raybould Machine Tools Ltd which includes both new and pre-owned
mechanical power presses, hydraulic presses, press feeders, coil handling equipment and special
purpose machines.

For further information please visit the Raybould Machine Tools Ltd website at www.raybould.com or
contact Lee Raybould on + 44 (0)1384 565997