Raybould Machine Tools Ltd will be introducing the new range of BOXIN mechanical power presses and HONG-ER press feeding & coil handling equipment that will be on offer at the MACH2020 exhibition.

“For some time now, it has caused Raybould Machine Tools Ltd frustration that we have clients looking for used machines but due to a worldwide shortage of quality equipment we cannot locate anything suitable on the used market!

Hence, Raybould Machine Tools Ltd undertook looking at Far East manufacturers to locate high quality new machinery that would be competitively priced and within the range of most clients – costed between that of a good quality used machine and that of a new machine currently offered within the UK.

Raybould Machine Tools Ltd has for over three years carried out extensive research into the numerous manufacturers and the range of machines available from the Far East. There are many, many factors that need to be addressed when looking to import new machines into the UK – the requirements of CE approval, machine quality, build quality, components used, the manufacturers service & backup, the location of the manufacturer for ease of visits, the language barrier and ensuring there is a guaranteed after sales service available.

We believe that the companies we now work with are a great solution.

Please be 100% assured that the new products we now offer have been very carefully considered and what we believe are an ideal ‘package’ as a whole!”