OSA Systems Ltd (OSAS) is a new and exciting Industrial Press company, which has grown out of One Stop Automation Ltd (OSA). One Stop Automation had been working intrinsically alongside PJ Hare, designing, developing and delivering the control and automation systems. To prevent the engineering heritage of PJ Hare Ltd being lost, OSA acquired the intellectual property to ensure British engineering, and more importantly, the press industry had a choice for customers, blending heritage and our knowledge of new technology together. OSA Systems was specially set up to deal with all aspects of our customers’ press needs. Industrial Press

Since the demise of PJ Hare, we have been supporting previous customers with servicing, spares, modifications, upgrades and refurbishments. With our specialist knowledge of Hare Presses and an experienced team of service engineers, we are building relationships with key clients across a variety of market sectors, including industrial, automotive, aerospace, food, medical and environmental.

As part of our continuous ambition, we develop machinery and systems that ensure reliability and are designed for maximum impact in the market. This will give our customers a significant advantage in their processes, whilst taking into account their specific needs. We have a factory management interface system, available to compliment Hare Press upgrades, integrating them into a factory-wide system.

OSA Systems are able to provide the complete refurbishment of existing presses, alongside our servicing, manufacturing and electrical teams working seamlessly together. We provide genuine Hare Press spares, based on your machines original specifications, and using the manufacturing drawings which we own.  We have engineers, designers and programmers who strive to find high quality and bespoke solution for our customers. Developing the new generation of hydraulic systems for our presses.

OSA Systems has designed a new product, with a revolutionary concept for a small multi-functional low tonnage hydraulic press. With our experience at One Stop, we are in a unique position to offer press, automation and production results – being your ‘One Stop Solution’. We are a team who values the heritage of the press industry, whilst looking to future proof your success.